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Since I was a teenager, I’ve experienced debilitating menstrual cramps and heavy periods monthly, and my mood swings were almost as bad as the cramps. I dealt with it using OTC and some times prescription meds, heating pads, etc. I lost at least 1 day each month because I literally couldn’t get out of bed. 5 years ago, a friend introduced me to Progessence Plus by Young Living. She swore by it, and told me to apply it to my forearms daily. I took her advice with little expectation. The first month, the effect of the oils were minimal, but she told me to keep using it. The second month, I noticed that my period was not nearly as heavy or as painful, and that my mood wasn’t as unstable. The third month was what completely sold me. Previously, I could always tell I was going to start my period because the mood swings were a not so gentle reminder, and I would get low back pain the preceded the menstrual cramps. That month, I remember going into the bathroom, looking down, and getting nervous that there was blood in my urine. I started to panic, until I realized it was actually my period. I had been surprised by my period! The pre-moodiness and the cramping that normally were my tell tale signs hadn’t happened that month. What’s more, my flow was normal, and the cramping was minimal. I thought it may have been an odd coincidence, but it has continued, month after month as I have continued to use Progessence Plus! I wouldn’t live without my daily Progessence today. Not only did it give me my life back from but as I age, it supports maintenance of healthy hormone levels, so that I can remain even keel in the emotional department, which makes my entire family much happier!

Cassidy H.

Once a year for three weeks, my wonderful husband and I load the RV up with five animals and take a family vacation. This year has been particularly hard for us because it used to be six fur babies taking the trip. We are not used to living in such tight quarters and see very little of each other throughout the year.

When starting my journey with essential oils, I purchased Progessence Plus. This has been a life changer for me and our relationship! It takes all of the crazy out of me (my hubby’s words) ... lol! I know y’all can certainly relate to that last statement!

Without this awesome blend to tame the wild in me, I’m pretty sure that this family vacation would have been a lot more stressful and a ton less fun!

Cynthia B.

Dragon Time has truly changed my life.  As dramatic as that sounds, it's true.  Once a month when it's time for my unfriendly friend to visit, I roll Dragon Time on my lower abdomen and those mean cramps are relieved.  It's an almost instant sensation.  I keep a roller ball on top of the Dragon Time bottle and by my bed at all times.  Every lady needs to give this a go.  Dragon Time makes my dragon time more bearable.

Amanda W.

My Love Affair with Thieves

First date— Thieves Essential Oil in the diffuser. Pleasant, mixed with a few drops of lemons to clear the cooking smells. Definitely going out with this oil again.

Second date—Thieves Cleaner. Best granite countertop cleaner ever plus glass top range, plus floor dribbles, cabinet doors,—you name it!

Third date—lip sore—one and only one application of Thieves Essential Oil stopped that irritation In its tracks. Reminded me of those cinnamon toothpicks I used to buy as a kid—tasty bit of hot lips.

Now we’re going steady! Hand soap, Dish washing liquid, laundry detergent, toothpaste. Finally discovered vegetable wash.

Think I’m going to marry Thieves.

Susan W.

I have been using Progessence Plus for almost a year now for help with night sweats and other menopausal symptoms.  I had been taking prescription meds prior to control symptoms and wanted another option...I have been off that med for 11 months now and night sweats are under control...this was one of my first "aha moments" with oils!

Sue M.

I've had great results with Progessence Plus for menopause.  I also like using a peppermint cooling spray for hot flashes.

Lori P.

PD 80/20 was amazing for supporting my body through my hysterectomy recovery and through surgical menopause.

Michaelanne S.

I made a Clary Sage and Peppermint roller bottle for a friend and she said it worked for her hot flashes.

Denise K.