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Mental Self Care

Self Care Tips for Women – Mental Self Care

I am gearing up for what will be a very stressful October.  My third daughter is getting married on October 25th so we are on the final countdown.  To make things even more stressful, she lives out-of-state so that makes for some challenging wedding planning.

There are many factors and situations in our lives that bring on stress.  It doesn’t have to be a sad or intense situation to be stressful.  A happy event like your daughter’s wedding can promote stress on so many levels.  That is why I believe regular self care is so important.

There are many areas of self care so I want to break them down into individual topics over the next few weeks.  One of these areas may speak to you, one may not, or maybe you can relate to all of them.  Whatever it is, you need to be practicing regular self care.


My favorite area of self care is doing something that makes me happy (mental self care).  If I am happy, then I am more likeable and lovable for everyone around me.  It’s not up to my husband, children or friends to fill my happiness level.  That is on me.  I can be happy with my husband, but it’s not his job to make me happy.  If we love and understand each other, then happiness happens for both of us.  If I’m not happy, then I am not filling my internal love tank.  Make sense?

Mental self care can look like many things to different people.  To others my form of mental self care can appear selfish.  It’s not!


I am a doer and pleaser by nature.  So I will go and go and go and do and do and do for anyone.  I work hard and play hard.  After going at this type of pace for 5-6 weeks, my body and mental state get exhausted.  It is then that I know it is time to step back and do something for me.

Sometimes my mental self care is an isolated day at home doing nothing, but binge watching something on Netflix.  Other times it may be a shopping excursion for clothes or something for my home.

One of my favorite forms of mental self care is decorating my home for the upcoming season or holiday.  I’m weird that way, but I love decorating my home!  I’ll be doing this form of self care today — decorating my home for Halloween.

We usually host a big Halloween party, but this year that Halloween party is being replaced by my daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner.  (There is no amount of self care that would relieve the stress of throwing both a Halloween party and a wedding in the same month).

I want my house to look nice and festive for the rehearsal dinner so decorating it will provide much needed stress relief to my brain and mental state.  And, because I am choosing to decorate a few weeks early, I won’t add additional stress to myself or my family by scrambling to get it done last minute.

Please know that there is no right or wrong way for your mental self care.  Nobody can tell you what that looks like for you.  What makes you happy?  Whatever it is, make the time and do it regularly.

More importantly, when you are stressed you are more likely to get sick.  Have you ever noticed that stressed people are sick all of the time?  It’s true.  Your body and brain need rest.

  • Stress causes sleep loss.
  • Stress can affect your hormone levels.
  • Stress can affect your overall health.

If you found this post via Google, then you are most likely looking for some self care help.  Again, think about what makes you happy.  Schedule a “mental health day” all to yourself and do for you.

My passion is showing women that there are natural solutions for their health and hormone balance.  If you would like to know more, please reach out to me at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com or at 817-300-7288.

Live healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.

Trudy Cox


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