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If you read my blog post about the use of Progessence Plus to support the body’s ability to produce progesterone, you might be a bit skeptical or nervous.  Maybe you’ve heard that taking hormones like progesterone or estrogen can be dangerous.  That can be true, but let me clarify the differences between, plant hormones and synthetic hormones.

Natural hormones are in our body and are necessary for the reproductive system.

Synthetic progesterone and synthetic estrogen are NOT completely compatible with the body.

The synthetic nature of these products are that they have side effects…. and those side effects can bad, and the reason that I cannot take them given my mother’s medical history of breast cancer.

In doing my own personal research about HRT, I studied several of the estrogen supporting drugs, one in particular being Premarin.

I was prescribed Premarin to help boost my body’s ability to cycle each month when I was trying to get pregnant with each of my three daughters.  Premarin is also prescribed to balance estrogen for women going through menopause.

Some of the known side effects of Premarin use are depression, memory loss and breast lumps.

It should be noted that seven months after the birth of my youngest daughter, I had an abnormal mammogram (I have been getting annual mammograms since I turned 24, the year my mother died).  The mammogram showed a growth in my left breast so I had it biopsied.

While everything turned out okay, I was never warned of this particular side effect of Premarin, even though it was prescribed to me three times.  Talk about infuriating!   Premarin now comes with the disclaimer that “estrogens may increase your chance of getting cancer…”   Had I known about the breast lumps or cancer risk, I most certainly would not have taken it.

Phytoestrogens are plant based hormones that are similar to mammal estrogens and they are bioavailable in the body. Foods containing phytoestrogens include beans, soy products, peas, lentils, whole grains and seeds (flaxseed is a biggie), rye and millet.  How’s your diet?   Are you eating your fruits and veggies?

When our bodies have high levels of natural hormones, from human or plant derived hormones, the risks of diseases like cancer DECREASE. When our bodies have low levels of natural hormones, and are supplemented with synthetic hormones, the risks of diseases INCREASE.

Moral of the study:

  • Natural human hormones = AWESOME!
  • Plant hormones = GOOD!
  • Synthetic hormones = BAD.  VERY BAD!

You can read my blog post on plant based essential oil products that can naturally support hormone imbalance here.

Please note that I am NOT a medical professional.  I cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe medications for any condition.  I am simply sharing what I have learned from my own personal research and experiences.

Are you ready to start balancing those hormones safely and naturally?  You can learn more about purchasing 100% therapeutic, organic oils here. Or, reach out to me directly via email at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com.

Let’s get your body regulated!

Live healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.



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