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What is cortisol?  Cortisol is your stress hormone.

Feeling stressed and moody?  Your cortisol levels could be out of balance.

There are several natural products to help balance cortisol levels, but I want to focus on my two favorite essential oils.  These two oils alone offer so many health benefits to our bodies – one is called the Swiss army knife of oils and I refer to the other one as the Godfather of Essential Oils. By using these two oils together you get a powerhouse blend for your body!


First natural product to help balance your cortisol level – Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is often referred to as the Swiss army knife of essential oils.  Its uses are pretty much endless.  However, it is most commonly used as a calming or sleep oil.  Lavender naturally promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, thereby calming the mind and relaxing the body.  Inhaling or diffusing it will make your body go “ahhhhhhh”.

I have a daughter with high blood pressure and high anxiety levels.  Lavender is one of her go-to oils every day.  High blood pressure and high anxiety are not a good combination.  Lavender helps relax both.

You may have experienced some hair loss with your hormone imbalance.  Lavender essential oil can help with that too because it helps promote healthy hair growth.

What about your skin?  Lavender oil is does amazing things for our skin.  Add it to your face moisturizer or lotions.

Lavender – you cannot go wrong!

Second natural product to help balance your cortisol level – Frankincense Essential Oil

The Godfather of Essential Oils!  Whenever I am telling someone about this oil I always say that there’s a reason it was given to Jesus.

Frankincense has a spicy woodsy scent that is very relaxing to the mind.  When inhaled, Frankincense promotes relaxation and focus, thereby making your stress/cortisol levels drop.  Studies have shown that Frankincense can help reduce heart rate and high blood pressure.

Frankincense is by far my favorite oil!

Frankincense may also help balance estrogen levels and help with menstrual cramping.

Frankincense is also an amazing product to help reduce signs of aging in the skin.  It has the ability to strengthen skin and improve elasticity.  It’s also great to help eliminate those dark circles underneath your eyes.

If that isn’t enough, Frankincense is great for improving memory.  The older I get, the more I want to keep my memory intact.  Having had three relatives die from Alzheimer’s and dementia, this is of upmost importance to me.  I get Frankincense into my body one way or the other every single day.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Let me recap why you should be using Lavender and Frankincense Essential Oils together to naturally balance your cortisol levels:

  1. both promote relaxation and calmness;
  2. both help slow down the heart rate to support the cardiovascular system;
  3. both are amazing skin oils and help reduce signs of aging;
  4. both will help with sleep support; and
  5. both smell delicious!

Be wary of where you purchase your oils.  Even though that bottle of essential oil on the rack at Target or Marshall’s may be labeled as 100% therapeutic grade oil, it most likely is not 100% essential oil.  I can guarantee it’s not! Most of the oils purchased at department stores contain fillers.  Know your source!

When I refer to the oils that I use, I am only using 100% pure, organic essential oils.  No fillers.  No synthetics. You need to be purchasing essential oils from a reputable company.

Are you ready to get your hormones and cortisol levels balanced naturally?  Or, do you have questions about essential oils in general?  I am here to help you.  Reach out to me at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com or contact me at 817-300-7288.

Let’s get those hormones balanced.

Live healthy, my friends, and remember age is just a number.

Trudy Cox


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