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After reluctantly using synthetic hormone replacement therapy, then stopping and learning to live with the side effects of menopause, I accidentally landed on a natural remedy that changed my life. Before I share my secret, let me start from the beginning.

When I was 42 I had to have a medically induced partial hysterectomy.  My body proceeded as normal for the next few years, but came with the wonderful benefit of not having any more monthly visits from Aunt Flow.  Bonus!  Why did I not have a hysterectomy sooner?  That’s what I kept asking myself.  If you’ve been there, you get it.

Fast forward five or so years.  All of a sudden I wanted to cry at the most nominal things, whether it was a TV commercial or my husband said something that normally wouldn’t upset me.  I just had the urge to cry.  At everything. All the time.

As if crying wasn’t enough, I became this angry, snippy person.  I am a very easy going person by nature, so my snippiness was so out of the ordinary. So much so, that husband and daughters were wondering what in the heck was wrong with me.

Around this same time, I started to see a new pattern occurring during the night.  I would wake up every night drenched in sweat.  I don’t mean a little sweat.  I mean a whole lotta sweat!  I would wake up so wet that I had to change my pajamas and pillowcase.  It was just gross!  And wet!  After dealing with the sweat issue for about a week or two, it occurred to me what was happening to my body and emotions.

I immediately made and appointment with my gynecologist for blood work and to talk about options.  The blood work confirmed what I suspected.  I believe the exact words of my doctor were “Yep.  You are feeling old, aren’t you?”   Every single hormone level in my body was registering in the negative.

Hello Menopause.

My doctor immediately wanted to start me on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  He reassured me that he would monitor me closely given my mother’s breast cancer history.  So, I proceeded to fill my four prescriptions:  one for estrogen, one for progesterone, one for DHEA and one for testosterone.  It cost $$$ a month for a 30-day supply of each and insurance didn’t cover it.

I think I only took them for a month or two.  And, yes, they worked and my body was back to normal.  BUT, my husband and extended family came unglued at the thought of me taking HRT so I stopped.  In the back of my mind I also new HRT was a bad idea.  If my mother had a grave, she would have rolled over in it at the thought my taking HRT (she was cremated so her “rolling over in the grave” wasn’t an option).

Gradually, the night sweats and moodiness returned, but I dealt with them.  I controlled my moodiness now that I knew the cause of it.  I couldn’t control the night sweats though.  Did I mention they are gross?  If you’ve had them then you know exactly what I mean.  Changing clothes and pillowcases in the middle of the night became my new routine (much like getting up to pee had been for a long time), and I accepted it.

A few months later an impulse purchase literally changed my life.  I wasn’t even looking for a hormone solution.  I was actually wanting to try a product that would make my house smell good, but not set off my husband’s asthma and allergies.

Let me backtrack real quick.  When my husband, Ken, and I merged families several years ago, I had to give up wearing perfumes, my Bath and Body Works lotions, my scented candles…basically, I gave up everything in my life that made me or my home smell good.  Why?  Because Ken has asthma and severe allergies, and scented candles and perfumes literally made him miserable.

I loved him enough to make that HUGE sacrifice.

Life went on and my house smelled blah.  I am easy going so I just got over it.

Back to the present and enter essential oils.  Prior to this time period, I was a judgmental person when it came to use of essential oils.  The people that used them were just crunchy weirdos.  I always avoided and blew people off whenever they talked about oils.

Then, one day I had a friend on Facebook post something about essential oils and it caught my attention.  I cannot even tell you what she posted, but it made me stop long enough to read her entire post and I thought “what if”.

I reached out to her.  She knew Ken and she knew about his allergies and asthma.  I asked her if diffusing the oils would set off an asthma or allergy attack.  She said no because essential oils do not contain allergens.   So I nervously and excitedly purchased an essential oil starter kit from her.


I received my kit a few days later and immediately set up the diffuser in a discrete location and started diffusing lavender. I hid the kit a bit because I didn’t want Ken to see it an automatically react to its presence.  He never said a word.  I know he smelled the lavender because it made my house smell delicious.

A few days went by and I continued diffusing every day.  Again, he never said a word.  The oils were safe to diffuse!  Problem solved (envision firecrackers going off at this point in the story).

After purchasing the starter kit, my friend added me to a private essential oil education group on Facebook.  I was reading posts on that page about a few days later and was reading testimonies about all the ways people were benefiting from essential oil use.  Then it occurred to me, if essential oils can help support all of these body systems, then I wonder if there are oils that can support my hormone issue?


Let me introduce you to my new best friend.  Her name is Progessence Plus.

Progessence Plus was developed by a doctor who specializes in women’s hormone issues.  It is  is distilled from a type of Mexican yams.  YAMS!  While this type of yam isn’t edible, applying it topically on your body can do wonders!  Progessence Plus is a natural, SAFE alternative used to boost progesterone.

Let’s talk about the side effects of low progesterone:  loss of libido/sex drive, headaches, night sweats, loss of energy, etc.

Progessence Plus was an immediate game changer for me!  IMMEDIATE GAME CHANGER! That’s not an exaggeration.  Within 2-3 days of using it, my night sweats disappeared, my moodiness went away and my energy level increased.

I use Progessence Plus twice a day by applying it to my forearms as part of my morning and evening routines. It also smells good so that’s an added bonus.  An even bigger bonus is the cost.  A bottle of Progessence Plus costs about $36.00 and lasts me between 3-4 months.  #win

Progessence Plus is the secret, safe alternative remedy that my doctor either didn’t tell me about or doesn’t know about (I’m guessing the latter).  And, it’s the product that started by obsession with taking control of my own health and becoming passionate about sharing about these natural products that can help other women like me.

Are you ready to start balancing those hormones safely and naturally?  You can learn more about purchasing 100% therapeutic, organic oils here. Or, reach out to me directly via email at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com.

Live healthy, my friend, and remember that age is just a number.



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