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Multilevel marketing companies (“MLM”) have a bad rap.

I’ll admit that I used to avoid MLM distributors at all costs for this very reason. I used to think they only wanted to be friends with me so I would buy products from them. I never thought about the MLM being their career or, more importantly, as a way to support their families.

I was so close minded!

The reality is that MLMs are no different than your average store front or mega corporation. They just market their products through people instead of expensive advertising, and they save money by not having to expend monies for retail space.

By purchasing a product from a MLM distributor, you are basically purchasing “local”.

I am an independent distributor for a multilevel marketing company. I work very hard to earn income from the products I sell. I didn’t get in this business to “get rich quick.” That doesn’t exist. Instead, I work hard every single day to grow my business. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way, but isn’t that how we learn?

MLMs are not pyramid schemes either. I am selling a product (an amazingly healthy product for that matter) and in return, I receive a commission for doing that sale.

That is not any different than if I worked as a car salesman, sold a car and earned a commission from that sale. It’s also not any different than the employee who is assisting you select an outfit from a clothing store. They earn a salary from that store to help you. The only difference is that I am working for myself and setting my own hours. BONUS!

I’m not a huge corporation. I am an entrepreneur who is passionate about the benefits of the products I sell, who enjoys meeting new people and making numerous friends in the process.

I didn’t seek out to be a distributor for my MLM business, but here I am…doing something I never saw myself doing. Why? Because I believe in the products soooooo much and have benefited first-hand from using them.

How can I not share what I know with others?

The company I endorse is a company founded on principles, it is stable and not going anywhere. In fact, it continues to grow every year! That tells me that other people are loving the products too.

Let’s talk about convenient internet shopping and home delivery. It’s become a society norm. I mean, I despise grocery shopping so I love it that I can order organic produce from Whole Foods and have it delivered to my door!  Don’t get me started on my love for Amazon either!  It delivers to my door every week.  EVERY. WEEK.  No one bats at eye or thinks twice about Amazon home delivery.

The reality is, I can order pretty much anything I want from any company and have it delivered to my door.

Each month, my company sends me a wellness box containing products of my choice. It is not a requirement that the company imposes on me. Rather, I choose to place an order for products I need each month. I can cancel any time I want because there is no contract. And, because I have chosen to receive a monthly wellness box, my company has literally given me hundreds of dollars in FREE product for doing so. It’s a win! I don’t know of any other company that does this, but I’m sure there are a handful.

Do you get free stuff when you shop online from Amazon? Walmart? Target? Nope.

Who benefits when you order from Amazon, Walmart or Target? They do!

When you order from a MLM distributor (for any company), you are benefiting someone’s family by helping them pay their bills, clothe their children, pay college tuition, pay medical bills, etc.

So, if you are someone who, like the prior me, thinks negatively or is judgmental about a friend that sells a product for XYZ company, I hope that you will now view them differently. Remember, they are human and trying to earn income to support their family.

I started my business journey at the age of 49 and my business and income grow every single day.

If you are interested in learning more about my company and getting financial freedom, you can do so here.  Or, reach out to me by email at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com.  We have an amazing community of thousands of people of all ages from all walks of life.  I would love to have you join us!

Live healthy, my friend, and remember age is just a number.


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