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Mother Daughter Trips

In my opinion, mother daughter trips are a great way to strengthen the mother/daughter bond.  Why do you need a trip to strengthen the bond?  You don’t.  But, trips will allow you to have uninterrupted, quality time with your daughter.

Maybe I’m sentimental.  My mother died from breast cancer when I was only 24 so I was deprived from sharing most of my young adult years with her.  I am one of three children–the middle child.  While I do get the title of being the only daughter, I still had to share my mother’s time with my two brothers.

Even in my childhood, I don’t remember ever having one single mother daughter trip with my mom.  Life and circumstances I guess.  I don’t hold it against her because she was raising three children pretty much by herself since my dad worked all the time (literally all the time).  I wholeheartedly believe that had she lived, we would have had many mother daughter trips together.

I am the mother of four beautiful daughters, three biological and one bonus daughter.  I am blessed for sure.

When my oldest turned 21, I made the decision to take each of my girls on a personalized trip with me.  My three biological daughters have all been known as a sister group their entire lives.  However, they are individuals with different interests.  Therefore, I allowed them to choose the destination of their trip and added a stipulation that they had to be 21 before we would go.  I wanted an "adult" trip with no age restrictions.

My oldest, Amanda, chose New York City as her destination of choice.  She is a theater junky--she now teaches high school theater.  Seeing a show on Broadway was her dream.  We saw two.  Just call me Mother of the Year for fulfilling that dream x 2.

Amanda has always been a lover of all arts, a trait I believe she inherited from my mother.  So, while in NYC we also took in The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art.  All of this while NYC was experiencing a major blizzard.  It didn't matter though because we were experiencing NYC during the Christmas/New Year holidays.  The decorations were incredible to say the least.  We bundled up, and walked our way from our hotel to Central Park, museums, Broadway, the World Trade Center Memorial and even Chinatown in subzero temps.  We walked, shopped inside numerous boutiques to warm up, went back out and walked some more.  Were we crazy?  Probably.  Were we cold?  One hundred percent YES!  But, it was so much fun and we made a lot of memories.

This is us in front of the famous Rockefeller ice skating rink.

A few years later it was time for mother daughter trip number two.  My second daughter, Allison's destination of choice was Malibu.  Malibu?  You want to go to Malibu?  I probably sounded judgmental, but her choice took me by surprise.  It's where she wanted to go so off we went to Malibu.

I rented a cabin nestled in the mountains on a small winery (that part was for me).  It was about a two miles from the Malibu beaches up a long and winding mountain road with spectacular views.  It was a convenient location, but far enough away to feel secluded. It was Pinterest perfect.

Again, I let Allison plan our trip because I wanted this trip to be about her.  She chose to hike to the Hollywood Hills sign...a much longer, steeper hike than I ever imagined.  It took us about 2.5 hours round trip.  My legs regretted it the next day, but we both felt very accomplished!

Allison also scoured Pinterest to find the cutest possible places to eat because it's all about the social media pictures.  How did we ever survive without Pinterest?  If you're ever in Malibu, you must eat at Malibu Farm or a cute little hidden gem called Malibu Cafe.

We ate, shopped, played at the Santa Monica Pier, and lounged on several beaches.  There are some very pretty beaches in Malibu!  I developed my love for California on this trip because it has the best of both worlds--mountains and beaches.  Two of my favorite things.  Again, priceless memories that only Allison and I can share.

This is Allison and me above the Hollywood Hills sign.

Mother Daughter Trips are the BEST!

Most recently, I took my daughter Avery on her trip.  Avery and I headed to beautiful Salt Lake City, UT.

Avery and I work together so this trip was twofold: work and play, but mostly play.

We attempted to hike the very difficult Living Room Trail.  If you've hiked it and are laughing because I said it was a difficult hike, remember that we are from Texas.  We never made it to the actual "living room" because there were so many forks in the trail...and some were quite steep...that we gave up because of pure exhaustion.  It was still a beautiful hike and we saw some amazing views of the SLC valley.

We also made a trip to the Young Living farm in Mona, UT.  It's an organic farm that does its own oil distillation onsite.  We planted Clary Sage seedlings and played in the Lavender fields.  Very picturesque and so much fun!  Because of this experience, we both have a greater appreciation of all that goes into farming and distilling our beloved essential oils.

While it doesn't sound like a fun mother daughter trip, we spent the next couple of days sitting in breakout sessions at Young Living's annual convention.  I gave Avery the choice of attending sessions or playing in Park City for a day.  She chose the sessions and, for Avery and me, this was actually a lot of fun.  We believe in this company and love the product.  We loved absorbing every single bit of information given to us.  In the process, we met new people from all over the world.  Literally, all over the world.

Another mother daughter trip full of priceless memories.  This is us at the farm.

You can see additional photos and descriptions of each of these trips on my Facebook page here.

I have not gone on a mother daughter trip with my fourth daughter Katie...yet.  However, her biological mom and her go on a trip together at least once a year.  They have done this for as long as Katie has been old enough to appreciate a trip with her mom.  Why?  Because mother daughter trips are so important!  Like me, Katie's mom also lost her mother in her young adult years.  She knows the value of having precious memories with her daughter.

You do not need to take your daughter across the country for a trip.  It can simply be a weekend away in a hotel close by.  Just take your daughter away...one on one.  Girls need their moms.  I would give anything to have had a weekend away with my mom.  I don't have those memories.  My mother was fighting for her life from the time I was 20 until she died when I was 24.

I wanted better memories for my girls.  I want them to have at least one special trip with me and memories that no one else can share because her trip was special to us alone.

I chose young adulthood because I felt it was just the best time.  Life happens so much faster than you think.  Amanda and Allison are now married, and Avery is getting married in three months.  Life will only get busier when grandchildren are in the mix.

I also LOVE doing things with all four of the girls as a group.  We have a lot of fun on the rare occasion that we can actually be in the same place at the same time.  Again, it's only going to get harder for us to do this.  Our goal is a girls trip to Somona Valley because wine.  Not sure when that will happen, but in the mean time we do little snippets of things whenever time allows.

Take that trip!  Strengthen that mother daughter bond.  You won't regret it!

Live healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.

Trudy Cox

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