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Listening and Learning

I’ve been absent for a few weeks because the life we are living right now is just weird.

I woke up in the wee hours this morning with a heavy load on my mind.

Covid issues aside, what is happening in our country is not okay. It is sickening.

Why, in the year 2020, are we still battling racial issues? Why?

I am 51 years old and I was not raised to be racist. I raised my own children to be colorblind. If you look at my current family portrait, you will see that my daughters are truly colorblind.

Nick is Hispanic and Roman is biracial, but in the eyes of the world he is black. Our youngest daughter is currently in a relationship with someone of Pakistani descent.  Their skin colors and heritage do not matter to me. What matters is how they treat my daughters. I promise you that my daughters are deeply loved and cared for by these amazing young men.

If all goes as planned, in the next few years I will have grandchildren. To the world, they will be categorized as biracial, black or Hispanic, but to me they will be the most beautiful humans on our planet.

Isn’t that what we all are? Humans?

We were all created and entered the world in the exact same way. We all bleed the same red blood.

I don’t pretend to know or understand the hardships and discrimination that Roman or Nick have experienced in their short lives. Although, I don’t consider myself privileged, I now understand that I have always had white privilege. My daughters have always had white privilege.

I have always adamantly denied this because I thought that it was an insinuation that I was racist. That's not at all what it means. I didn't understand what "white" privilege meant until I opened my ears and truly listened. It means my skin color was never a barrier for anything I wanted in life.  So yes, I was privileged.

As a mother, when my children hurt, I hurt. Right now they are hurting.

While I feel powerless in my ability to “fix” the problem, I am really not powerless. I have a voice.

I am listening. I am learning. I stand.

I pray for a world where my future grandchildren never have to live in fear or are denied privileges because their skin may be a different color than mine.

In the words of Young Living CEO Jared Turner, I pray that we all “love so loudly, it overpowers the voices of those who hate.”

Love wins.


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