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Hormones and Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless you’re a woman going through menopause who is trying to naturally balance her hormones.

I love the holidays!

I love attending all of the parties!

I love eating all of the homemade goodies!

I love all the things!

Unfortunately, my menopausal hormones do not love all the things.

With the holidays come many factors that can throw off our hormone balance:

1. Scrumptious homemade sweets;

2. General indulgence in other foods;

3. Excess alcohol intake;

4. Late night parties resulting in lack of sleep;

5. Too much caffeine;

6. Shopping stress;

7. Family stress; and

8. Stress in general.

Each of those things can completely throw off your balanced hormones and cause hot flashes, fatigue, irritableness and insomnia.

So what is a fun loving, menopausal girl to do around the holidays?

Enjoy your life, but know that it may come with consequences.

I have been celebrating in style this year, but I have also been dealing with the consequences of insomnia and some pretty annoying hot flashes. My hormones are going crazy in the most annoying ways!

Natural hormone balance is a lifestyle change. That means we use diet, natural remedies and supplements to balance our hormones and cortisol levels so we feel balanced and normal. When we sway from this routine, our body will react negatively.

It’s not that your products are not working for you any longer. It simply means that what you are doing is throwing your body off.  Our bodies are not used to attending holiday gatherings 2-3 nights of the week, indulging in alcohol at said parties, eating everything laid out on the spread, and not getting enough sleep.

Can you survive the holidays without negatively affecting your hormone balance? Yes, but you’ll need to selectively pick your indulgence. You cannot do all the things and expect your body to act normally.

Limit your alcohol intake. Try to eat a healthy snack before heading out to the party or dinner so you are fuller faster. Sleep.

If you still choose to indulge, know that it may take your body several days to re-balance itself.

My passion in life is showing women how to naturally balance their hormones and otherwise live a healthy lifestyle. If you would like more information, please reach out to me at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com or 817-300-7288.

Live healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.

Trudy Cox


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