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I’ve touched on this topic before, but wanted to touch on it again because the foods we eat play a big role in natural hormone balance.

Gut health can be linked to pretty much every health issue in the body, from autoimmune diseases, obesity, poor metabolism, sleep patterns, other illnesses, and hormone imbalance.  That is why our gut health is so important.

Learning which foods to eat and the portions I should be eating was a key factor for me on my journey to natural hormone balance. I never knew the value of gut health until I became intentional with my food choices and started seeing the transformation to my body, hormone balance and skin.

So how do we maintain a healthy gut? It’s really not as complicated as it sounds.  All you need to do is make some minor adjustments to your grocery list and the way you shop.

Avoid anti-infammatory foods. Basically, you are going to eliminate the processed foods that are found on all of the inside isles of the grocery store and stick to the outer parameters. Think about what is on the outer parameters of your grocery store–that’s where you find fresh produce, raw meats, and dairy.

Also, buy organic when possible.  Produce laden with pesticides/fertilizers and/or manipulated meats are big hormone disrupters.  Before you yell at me, it’s really not all that more expensive to shop organic.  And, your health is worth it!

Eat foods high in antioxidants and fiber, like fresh berries, leafy vegetables and nuts.

Fermented and cultured foods like yogurt and kombucha are natural sources of probiotics.  Cooked asparagus is a natural source of prebiotics.

Eat protein every day.  Your serving size should be no larger than the size of the palm of your hand.

Take the supplements and vitamins!

As hard as we try, we probably are not going to give our body all of the nutrients it needs.  Take supplements that will help your body’s natural ability to balance hormones.  You need to take a good probiotic, cortisol supplement, and a vitamin B.

Finally, take your body on a 20-30 minute brisk walk, drink LOTS of water and get a good night’s sleep.

If you incorporate all of these things into your routine, you will see a dramatic change in the way you feel in a matter of days.  You will find that healthy eating is easy and not like “dieting” at all.

This is the way I eat 90% of the time.  The other 10% consists of downing chips and salsa, wine or margaritas.  Life is short and I am going to enjoy it!  However, I indulge knowing that on those days my hormones are going to yell at me by throwing in a hot flash or two, and my stomach may not be too pleased with me the next morning, if you know what I mean.

Now, go make your new shopping list and let me know how these minor changes work for you.

My passion in life is showing women that there are safe, natural solutions to hormone balance.  I would love to walk along side you on this journey.  Please reach out with any questions at 817-300-7288 or trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com.

Life healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.

Trudy Cox


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