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Bring the Hustle

Three words that never rolled off my tongue.  However, I spent the last four days doing an intense version of hustle.

My oldest daughter and I drove six hours to see my youngest daughter so we could do some strategizing and planning for our small business (I am blessed because they want to work with me).

I knew we were going to be cramming a lot of work into a short amount of time.  However, I don’t believe that I fully understood the intensity of what it was going to take to get the media content we needed to carry us through the next quarter.

Amanda and I loaded my car full of media equipment, enough clothing to last us a month (because photo shoots) and set out on our road trip.

We arrived in Joplin around 5:30, unloaded and immediately went to work scheduling every minute of the next two and a half days. I was pretty exhausted from thinking about all we had to get done and was very skeptical we would finish everything on our list.

We woke up early the next morning, loaded the car with hundreds of clothing changes (slight exaggeration, but not really) and spent the day driving to a few photograph worthy locations.

My youngest daughter is considered an Instagram influencer so Amanda and I tried our best to follow her lead when it came to personal photographs. It’s a huge understatement to say I was outside of my comfort zone!

But I totally get it now.  All of those glamorous, perfectly posed social media photographs, were one of hundreds that were taken during their photo shoot.  No one is that perfect all of the time!

Even after the third or fourth outfit change, I still felt awkward.  I mean there we were, taking random photos–in public–with people walking and driving by.  Most of them were probably judging us so that thought made it even more awkward for me.  If you want to see some of the behind the scene photos, follow me on Instagram.

After a day full of “modeling”, we sat around Avery’s kitchen table with our yearly planners and started goal setting and planning.  We worked until late into the evening and by the time we went to bed, we still had a very long list of things we needed to accomplish with only one more full day together.

We hit the ground running the next morning (expectation).  Actually, we drug ourselves out of bed, drank coffee and gradually started moving (reality).  We were tired so got a later start than planned.  However, once the caffeine kicked in we started back with the grind.

Little by little, we marked things off of our long to-do list.  By the time we were ready for bed that evening, we had accomplished 98% of our tasks.  I call that hustle!

With our 2020 goals written in stone, Amanda, Avery and I are ready to hustle our way through the first quarter of the year.  We plan to meet again in March and plan our second quarter hustle.

Reflecting back on the last few days, I learned that I have a lot to learn.  I am the parent, but my talented, educated adult daughters taught me so much. They, too, gleaned a little from my knowledge of things.  It was a win for all of us.  Also, working together raises the accountability factor. If I slack, then I let them down.  Vice versa.

Goals written down on paper don’t miraculously happen. You have to put in the hard work and hustle to hit those goals.

The Urban Dictionary’s definition of hustle: “To have the courage, confidence, self belief, and self-determination to go out there and work it out until you find the opportunities you want in life.

That’s where the three of us are–determined to get out there and work hard! Who says Gen Xers, Millennials and Post-Millennials cannot work together?

How are you hustling in 2020?

My passion in life is teaching women about natural solutions for their hormone balance and how to otherwise choose natural solutions for their overall health. So glad you are on this journey with me.

Trudy Cox


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