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We have had an empty nest for almost four years now.

Unlike a lot of people I have come across in social media groups, I was never depressed about my children leaving home. Sure, I miss them at times, but I never felt a sense of loneliness or wondered how I was going to fill my time. I had friends and found new hobbies to help with that. In fact, my husband and I are busier now than we were when we were chasing four girls around from event to event.

I have always worked full-time outside the home and been a full-time mom inside the home. I consider myself to have been Supermom, but my life never revolved around my children. I became a single parent when oldest was a freshman in college and my youngest was 12. I still managed the household like I did before my divorce because I was pretty much the one that carried the weight any way.

I remarried a few years ago and gained a bonus daughter almost the same age as my youngest daughter. She flew the coop and went to college four years ago. Although, my role as a mom never ends, I felt my role as a mom raising young children was complete. I have successfully managed to assist four young ladies get into college, and have seen three graduate from college and start their careers. I even gained a son-in-law along the way (gaining two more this year).

I don’t mean to sound apathetic, but why would I be depressed or sad that my children have grown into pretty amazing adults and are surviving on their own? Isn’t that our jobs?

I feel a great sense of accomplishment in that my girls are doing a pretty good job at adulting. Do I miss them? Yes. But, my happiness does not depend on them. Instead, I continually pat myself on the back and say “Good job, Mom!”

It’s a matter of perspective. Let’s change your outlook.

  1. Instead of being sad, focus on the fact you have time now to do YOU! What hobbies did you set aside to raise children? Do that!
  2. What interests you now? Do that!
  3. Make yourself a bucket list and start marking things off of it.
  4. Instead of being depressed or feeling lonely, join a group of other empty nesters or volunteer your time and make new friends. There are a ton of groups on Facebook and you’ll be able to communicate and relate with others in your area. Go make new friends!
  5. Date your spouse! You spent the last 18-20+ years raising children. Now, focus back on your significant other and remember why you fell in love with that person. Chances are, he/she has been missing that time with you.
  6. Travel and go on new adventures.
  7. Go back to school.
  8. Start a new career.  That’s what I did.  Best decision I ever made!

You still have a lot of life left to live! Just because your kids are grown and no longer need you on a daily basis does NOT mean your life is over or has no meaning. This is your time! Go live it!

Tell me about your journey and family. I would love to hear from you.

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Live healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.


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