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What does it mean to have hormone imbalance?

Hormones are responsible for regulating certain systems in our body, such as our energy levels, metabolism, libido, moods, heart rate, sleep patterns, etc.

When your hormones are out of balance you will experience disruptions in one or more of these areas.

Around the age of 46-47, I began having varying mood swings.  These were very out of the ordinary for me. I am a very even keel, go-with-the-flow person.  I am not easily rattled.  Just ask anyone that knows me.  But, for some reason, I started crying at the most minute things or I would bite my husband’s head off because he wasn’t washing a potato correctly (that may be a slight exaggeration, but I’m trying to make a point).  I was emotional and grumpy.  More so than not.

Around this same time, I began waking up during the night drenched in sweat.  A lot of sweat!  There were many nights that I had to change my clothes and pillowcase because they were wet and it was gross. I just wrote a blog on night sweats so I won’t go into a lot of detail about it, but you can read that blog here.

After living with these symptoms a couple of weeks, it occurred to my husband and me what may be happening.  I scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist to have my hormones checked.  Sure enough, my hormones were completely out of balance.  In fact, I wasn’t registering any level of hormones whatsoever.  I had zero estrogen, zero progesterone, zero testosterone…you get the picture.

Maybe you are starting to experience some of these same things.

Here are 5 signs that you may have hormone imbalance:

Weight Gain.  Are you someone that has historically been able to maintain your weight or haven’t had any problem keeping excessive weight off?  When your hormones are not balanced, your metabolism may drop, thereby causing unexplained weight gain.  This happened to me.  Seriously, I would do cardio and/or strength conditioning almost every day, but I could not lose any weight.  I would gain a pound just by eating a lettuce leaf.  Frustrating!!  Can you relate?  You can read more about hormone imbalance and weight gain here.

Hair Loss.  Have you ever experienced washing, brushing or blow drying your hair and pulling out strands of your hair in the process?  I don’t mean three to four strands.  I mean globs of hair!  Slight hair loss every day is normal, but excessive hair loss like I’m talking about is not normal.  Excessive hair loss can be attributed to an improperly functioning endocrine system (or thyroid).  You can read more on hormone imbalance and hair loss here.

Fatigue.  I’m talking extreme fatigue.  Hormone imbalance affects our sleep patterns.  Maybe you’ve been experiencing some unexplained insomnia.  Do you find yourself feeling completely exhausted? To me it was almost like the exhaustion my body experienced during the first trimester of a pregnancy.  I was tired all of the time and just wanted to sleep.  That is the type of fatigue I’m talking about.  If you are experiencing something similar then your hormones are probably out of balance (or you are pregnant (ha ha)).

Low Libido.  If you have low levels of estrogen and/or progesterone, then your sex drive will go way down.  Attraction has nothing to do with it.  You can be totally attracted to your mate, but have zero desire to get busy in the sheets.  The desire is just not there.  Also, the fatigue mentioned above will come into play here.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.  Are you waking up drenched in the middle of the night or is your daily routine disrupted because you feel like a space heater is following you around?  If you’ve experienced either of these then you know they are miserable.  I go into detail about them on a blog post here.  Estrogen helps balance our body’s temperature, so if your estrogen levels are low, it could likely result in a hot flash or night sweat.

So, now that you may have established that your hormones could be out of balance, either because you are going through menopause, perimenopause or some other medical condition (check with your medical provider), what can you do about it?

For me, my only option to eliminate these symptoms was hormone replacement therapy.  My physician was eager to get me started, even though he knew about my mother’s estrogen induced breast cancer history.  I reluctantly filled the expensive prescriptions, but when my family found out they came unglued.  So, I decided at that point to just deal with my symptoms and be mindful of the mood swings.

A few years later, I accidentally found what I believe is the world’s best kept secret.  Natural alternatives to balancing hormones.  I am happy to report that my hormones are balanced and I do not have to worry about any horrible side effects from taking hormone replacement therapy.  I do it all safely and naturally.

Ladies, there are natural options available for you!  They are safe and they work!  You can read testimonies from other women who use the same products as me.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Read their testimonies here.

In the meantime, you can download my free resource that contains 5 Ways To Balance Hormones Naturally.  You can access this free download by clicking the link on the top right of this page.

If you are ready for natural solutions for your hormones and overall health, I would love to help you get started on your journey.  You would be welcomed with open arms into a community of thousands of women who have taken control of their own health and are loving every minute of it.  They feel wonderful!  They look wonderful!  We would love to have you join us!  You will not walk this journey alone!

Let’s get those hormones balanced!  Contact me to schedule a personal discussion on your health needs.  You can reach me at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com or a 817-300-7288.

Live healthy, my friends and remember that age is just a number.

Trudy Cox




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