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Diet plays a vital role in balancing our hormones. Foods high in sugars and preservatives are just not good for us. Period. However, I love desserts and alcoholic beverages so I admittedly don’t always have the best of diets.

When my diet is off, my body tells me because my hormones also get thrown off. I have experienced first hand how the foods I eat can have a dramatic effect on my body. Not only via weight loss, but by glowing skin, increased energy, and peaceful sleep. Weight gain, low metabolism and insomnia are all side effects of hormone imbalance.

I decided to write this specific blog post, because my body is telling me that I have veered off the clean eating path a little longer than I should have the past couple of months. I love food, wine and margaritas so I like to indulge. Between graduation parties, bridal showers and The Bachelorette viewing parties, I’ve indulged a lot during the month of May.

You only live once so I’m going to enjoy the ride as much as possible, but within reason.

My body has been yelling at me the last couple of weeks so it’s time for a detox. Also, I have a daughter getting married on June 15 so I have a little more incentive to do this detoxing cleanse right now because I would like to eliminate a few pounds, feel less bloated and have a glowing face on her wedding day.

How will I achieve that on such a short time frame? I’m going to do a 3-day detoxifying cleanse next weekend.

Most of the foods in the detox recipes are super foods that are proven to renew cells and create hormonal balance. Furthermore, by doing this cleanse you will lose some unwanted body fat in the process! After 3 days you will not only notice a change in your skin, you will find that you are sleeping better, and are less bloated.

In order to help keep those hormones balanced with your diet after the cleanse, you will need to continue to eat “clean” and drink a lot of water. I am not a dietician, but there are several clean eating programs out there. Just ask Google. I can recommend the one I have followed if you would like. Simply send me message and ask for it.

If you’re ready to kick start your summer body and naturally help balance your hormones, I am providing you with the recipes and instructions.  Simply click the button below and get started!  You’ll be glad you did!



There is a lot of citrus in the recipes.  Lemon and lime juice provide a lot of benefits when it comes to weight loss.  However, I substitute the fresh squeezed juices in the recipes with lemon and lime essential oils because essential oils add even more benefits.

Both oils are high limonene which make them both powerful antioxidants and a cleansing agents.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com or at 817-300-7288.

Let’s get those hormones balanced!

Live healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.

Trudy Cox


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Trudy Cox teaches women how to safely and naturally balance their hormones, and take control of their overall wellness using 100% therapeutic and organic essential oils. Click here to learn more.

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