Want to know more about what natural products are available for you?

Have you ever read a book that changed your life?

When I first started researching how essential oils might help support my ever changing, aging hormones, I was told I should buy this quick read:

Lucy Libido… Says There’s an Oil for THAT!

Game changer!

Ladies, it’s more than a sex talk (although it has a lot to say about what goes on between the sheets). It covers all things hormones for every age and stage of womanhood.

In a matter of days of following the suggestions in this book, my body made a complete 180. I’m so passionate about this change, that I’ve made it my life goal to share with others!

Ladies, we have natural, organic, safe remedies at our fingertips! You just need to know where to look and what to use.

As an added bonus, the book comes with a slew of recipes to help get things going in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

Every woman should order this book! You can order it here.

Are you ready to start balancing those hormones safely and naturally? You can learn more about purchasing 100% therapeutic, organic oils here. Or, reach out to me directly via email at trudy@livingessentiallyhealthy.com.

Let’s get your body regulated!

Stay healthy, my friends, and remember that age is just a number.


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Trudy Cox teaches women how to safely and naturally balance their hormones, and take control of their overall wellness using 100% therapeutic and organic essential oils. Click here to learn more.

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